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a sudden bout of inspiration hit me like you wouldn’t believe

Commissions Are Now Open, AGAIN


Hopefully this information will cover any questions you may have. If not, ask away! But please, read all the information before asking any questions.

  • If you are interested in a commission, please send me a message!
  • For those of you who don’t know, my specialty lies in drawing animals (mostly canines and equines) and Assassin’s Creed fanart. But I also draw slash (doesn’t matter what pairing), Team Fortress 2 fanart, gore, furries, mythical creatures and figures, and many other themes! (I also draw full nudity pictures, if you’re interested ;D )
  • Please be specific about what you want your picture to look like. If you are not, then I will do my own thing.
  • Click on the pictures to see their full sizes.

Sketch Commissions (sizes vary)

  • just sketch with no color: $5
  • sketch with no color, with shading: $7
  • sketch with color: $8
  • sketch with color and shading: $10




^(with color and shading)


^(just sketch with no color or shading)


^ (colored sketch without background)

Medium: 1024x768p
Large: 1152x864p - 1280x1024p

  • Flat (no shading): $12
  • With shading: $15
  • With background: $20 
  • Also, please specify if you would like a transparent picture



^(with shading, no background/transparent)


^(flat/no shading, no background/transparent)


^(with shading and background)

Extra Large: 1600x1200p or larger (nice for desktop and blog backgrounds)

  • Flat (no shading): $20
  • With shading: $25
  • With background: $30 





^(with shading and background)image

^(with shading and no background/transparent)


^(flat without background (i wouldn’t really consider that a bg tbh) )

8.5”x11” or larger (I would only recommend this size if you intend on printing this yourself, or have me print it for you)

  • Flat (no shading): $25
  • With shading: $30
  • With background: $35 

^^^ crossed out cuz my computer currently cannot handle such large scale picture anymore :(

Every extra character adds $5 to the total. Repeats of the same character still counts as an extra character.

  • What I will not draw:
  • Robots of any kind. (I just don’t have the ability yet.)
  • Fully detailed architecture (too complicated for my tiny brain). 
  • Heavily armored characters (apologies to all you WoW players) (lightly armored is fine, and so is Mass Effect type armor).
  • Any kind of promotion for sexual, physical or emotional abuse. (Bondage is fine, rape is not.)

If you have ordered anything that is not a sketch commission, I will send you a completed WIP sketch shot and ask if there is anything that you would like fixed before I begin finalizing.

Please pay via PayPal, if you are at all unsure about how to proceed with the transaction, please read this. If you do not have a PayPal, then you may mail me your payment. I would highly recommend looking up research to safely mail money beforehand.

Further explanation on payment via mail:

  • After I have finished the sketch, I will send you a WIP shot to make sure you are satisfied with my work so far. If you are, please send in your payment. The moment I receive your payment, I will continue working on your picture.
  • I would recommend paying via check incase it gets lost in the mail, you can just cancel it and try again.
  • I will let you know that I have receive your payment as soon as I check the mail.
  • If you are paying via check, please write in the “memo” section your tumblr url
  • If you are paying via cash, please leave a note in the envelope with your url written on it.
  • please write in legible handwriting 

My mailing address is:

Cody Vincent
351 Becerra Way
Davis, CA 95618

My PayPal email is

If you email me, please tell me if you would like to remain anonymous, otherwise I will ask what your blog url is and tag you on the final product.

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so this is just a short thing i wrote a few months ago on my phone for my OC Theron (he’s getting a lot of love now cuz i just don’t do enough shit for him)


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this has nothing to do with my personal life, just fyi. this is just something i needed to get out of my system for my OC, Theron. and to make this less confusing, this is based in Assassin’s Creed Revelations where Theron is one of Ezio’s newest recruits. (also i’d like to point out that this contains feels)


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I made a video comparing my old automail to my new automail! I also talk about how I made it and what materials I used.

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guess who i’m drawing now

guess who i’m drawing now


when it comes to specific poses I try to first draw the most basic shapes and movement lines and then gradually go into more and more details, like so:



if you have difficulties with perspective, try drawing a perspective grid first:


it’s nothing different than tips from other artists, but I hope it helped a little ;u;

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How to paint skin (and other facial features) in PhotoShop.

I would highly recommend this tutorial to anyone who wants a nice, easy to follow tutorial on painting realism.

so i wanted to start practicing realism painting, and while i wanted to paint my own charcter, Theron, he has too much facial hair for me to practice drawing right now XD so instead i painted my gf’s oc, bohdan
the tutorial i followed
and the brush set i sort of used

so i wanted to start practicing realism painting, and while i wanted to paint my own charcter, Theron, he has too much facial hair for me to practice drawing right now XD so instead i painted my gf’s oc, bohdan

the tutorial i followed

and the brush set i sort of used

it’s about 4am and i’m just so stoked about this

it’s about 4am and i’m just so stoked about this



Since it was Munday, I decided to do a small art reference project for myself. And then I decided to make it public with the following notes.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

What NOT to do (front):

  • Don’t chicken wing your arms! Although it might be easier to hold the rifle, you will make yourself a bigger target.
  • Don’t close your one eye! You will lose your depth perception, which is crucial when you are on the move, or are trying to determine how far away your target is
  • Don’t keep your legs haphazardly strewn about. You need to make sure you’re balanced!

What to do (front)

  • Keep both eyes open
  • Bend your elbows downwards and towards the ground to make yourself a smaller target
  • Bend your knees to control the gun’s recoil + be ready to move.

What NOT to do (side)

  • Don’t put the stock above your shoulder
  • Don’t lean back.
  • Both of the above reduce your control over the weapon and may result in a black eye, and the rifle flying backwards and out of your hands.

What to do (side)

  • Bury the stock of the rifle into the meaty part of your shoulder
  • Lean into the gun to keep the gun under control when the recoil of the gun kicks the gun upwards or to the side
  • Bend your knees slightly to lean forward, as well as make yourself a smaller target

Patrol/Relaxed Stance

  • The soldier is relaxed and is most likely moving around.
  • His eyes are searching for possible threats
  • His hands are still on the rifle, even if he has a sling on

Low Ready Stance

  • Possible threat has been detected
  • Entire body shifts towards threat direction
  • Stock is shouldered 
  • Eyes are focused on the possible target
  • Gun barrel is pointed in the target’s general direction, but not directly at the target.

Firing Stance

  • Immediate response
  • Soldier fires off shots while screaming to the other people in his team
  • "CONTACT!" or "THREAT!"


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How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

Please watch this!

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